South Shore Asset Map Introduction

Simply put, the ‘Why Here?’ initiative is the most significant business, people, and investment attraction effort this region has undertaken in recent history. It is the centerpiece of business growth activity for the South Shore. For the first time information on the South Shore region is consolidated in to one convenient place, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to anyone in the world with an internet connection.

why here website

The ‘Why Here’ website includes several key tools that support business growth and attraction efforts, including an interactive map of businesses and amenities throughout the region and nearly 60 videos highlighting the assets and opportunities in the South Shore. A tremendous amount of time and resources have been invested in this intiative over the past 18 months. We are now in a position to use these tools to support business growth activities within the South Shore and proactively market the region and support business.

asset map