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Welcome to the South Shore region of Nova Scotia. The region offers a diverse cross section of businesses and industries. They include everything from video game development, aerospace and manufacturing to food and seafood production to green technologies. There is a strong network of business professionals, support services, access to a diverse supply chain, and easily navigable export chains. Combine this with lower taxes and access to skilled workers and you have a recipe for success.

The South Shore has a highly competitive operating cost environment for business. Key business costs (such as land and energy and operational costs) in combination with a supply of potential workers (with wages and salaries adjusted for the lower cost of living) offer businesses significant strategic cost advantages.

The region is close to major shipping and distribution routes, including air, rail, and sea. Halifax Stanfield International Airport offers daily flights to national and international locations. The South Shore has a history of seafaring and has several ports of entry, including easy access to the Halifax Gateway, located 100 kms away. The entire region is serviced by a modern 100-series highway infrastructure as well as well-maintained secondary roads that make shipping and transport easy and affordable.

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As you explore the WhyHere site take the opportunity to look at videos of people who have made the decision to "set up shop" on the South Shore. You might be inspired to do the same thing. We hope so.

There are also interactive mapping features available on the site to enable you to get a sense of the diversity and magnitude of businesses and services available here. The Business Asset Mapping feature also allows you to search for data that may be pertinent to you and your business. Contact us to request more information about the South Shore. Let us help you discover WhyHere.