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Development Projects


10to20projectThe 10 to 20 Project came about late in 2010 as a response to the desire within the community to increase local spending. Research shows that for every 10% of total income spent in Queens more than $20 million goes into the local economy. With those figures in mind, the Region of Queens Municipality, the South Queens Chamber of Commerce and the North Queens Board of Trade collaborated on what became known as the "10 to 20 Project." The public awareness campaign focused on the benefits of shopping locally. If the product is available and the price is right, then local businesses prosper and by extention the whole community benefits.


Queens-Collab-Strategies-thumbIn addition to public awareness, the 10 to 20 Project has been seeking out ways to engage the community in its own development. Working with the Nova Scotia Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism, a workshop entitled "Collaborative Strategies for Business and Community Development" was crafted. Around 50 people attended this session and several key themes emerged. Most importantly, the community itself began almost immediately to work on the ideas put forth. For complete details on the session, click here for the final report.


Data for enhanced agricultural development is being explored by the Community Business Development Corporations (CBDC) in Yarmouth, Shelburne, Queens and Lunenburg Counties. Findings of a climate study now underway could bolster an opportunity to see the county grow as a retirement community, a wind growing area, and as a good place to live and visit. You can access the full report by following this link.


logo-blue-wBlue W water bottle refilling network was founded as a not-for-profit organization in 2009 to give Canadians free access to clean, healthy tap water on-the-go. Business owners register to provide tap water to those who carry a reusable bottle without the obligation to make additional purchases. Registered locations are easy to find using our online search and mapping features (PC or Smartphone) or by downloading the 'Blue W Water Finder' smartphone app from our site. For those with limited access to technology, printable city maps can be downloaded and stickers can be found on business windows.

Blue W's primary goal is to build a comprehensive network of businesses across Canada to let neighbours and visitors to our community fill their reusable bottle whenever and wherever they want.