Green Business

Keeping our region 'Green' and protecting the environment for future generations is a goal of all the municipal units on the South Shore. We have been a recycling leader in Canada for more than a decade and businesses continue to look for ways to decrease their carbon footprint. The Municipality of Shelburne has a municipally owned and operated Wind Turbine as a power utility.

Here on the South Shore, we are very proud that all of our Municipal units have developed Integrated Community Sustainability Plans (ICSP). An ICSP is a strategic plan that identifies trends, issues, and opportunities, that recommends actions based on principles of sustainability. The focus is on environment, culture, economy and social needs.




The Lunenburg Regional Community Recycling Centre

Located in the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg, this recycling facility is Canada's first integrated solid waste management facility, servicing a population of about 34,000 people by providing curbside collection of waste, a public drop-off, as well as the processing of recyclables and organics, sale to markets, and disposal of garbage. Recyclables from local ENVIRO-DEPOTS™ are also brought here for compacting and trucking to various markets.

Today, LRCRC manages nearly 20 different waste streams, ensuring as much is recycled as possible. It accepts organics, recyclables, paper and garbage. It also accepts household hazardous waste and construction and demolition waste, including woodchips, drywall, asphalt shingles and metal.

In addition to being a world-class facility, LRCRC provides environmental education programs, resource materials, and face- to-face community outreach programs  — all designed to encourage people to reduce their waste even further.


Kaizer Meadow Environment Management Centre

The Kaizer Meadow Environmental Management Centre is located in Sherwood, off of Highway #12 in the Municipality of the District of Chester.

The Centre sits on 800 acres of land and accommodates:

• A second generation landfill, processing solid waste from our own municipal residents, as well as from many of our surrounding neighbours;

• A wastewater treatment system that results in zero-discharge of effluent into waterways;

• An Eco-Park that serves as a location of choice for green business;

• A progressive recycling program, including household hazardous waste and construction materials;

• A mobile dewatering truck for leading edge treatment of septic waste; and

• Canada's first GPS-operated landfill compactor that optimizes compaction of waste and reduces our waste footprint.

For years, Kaizer Meadow has led the world in environmental management practices. The commitment to technological advancement, environmental preservation, and economic development is the driving force behind innovation at the facility.

Even after constructing a $9-million facility, the Municipality of Chester has kept their landfill fees comparable to some of the lowest in the Province as well as providing free disposal to residents up to a certain weight.



The Region of Queens Solid Waste Management Facility is located at 3750 Highway #8. There are various sites within the facility, including a Household Hazardous Waste Depot, a Materials Recovery Facility (recyclables), Construction and Demolition Site, Organics Transfer Station and a Second Generation Landfill Site.

The Waste Management Facility is one of the cleanest in Nova Scotia, and staff undertake ambitious litter cleanup programs as needed. Environmental controls are in place to reduce the amount of pests and odours on-site. Ground and surface water in the immediate area is tested twice yearly to ensure that the facility has no adverse affects on the environment. Water that comes in contact with garbage is collected in a pond and transported to a waste water treatment plant for processing.

The Region also operates a Leaf and Yard Site where any plants, tree branches, grass clippings or leaves are chipped on a yearly basis and the resulting material is available to the public for use as mulch.