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The South Shore has a diversified manufacturing sector which ranges from aerospace and tires to industrial piping and kitchen counters. Competitive labour costs and accessible transportation infrastructure make the region a prime location for manufacturing.


A major component of the South Shore economy is its world leading companies in the field of technology. Major innovations across a broad range of industries have happened as a result of research and development by regional enterprises. Whether it is the latest breakthrough in oceanic technology, a new video game or futuristic cinematography concepts, the South Shore has companies who enjoy playing on the world stage.


The South Shore is a tourism marketer's dream. From Hubbards to Clyde River, it is literally one scenic gem after another. With two UNESCO World Heritage sites located on the South Shore, the tourism industry is vibrant and alive.


The South Shore has a highly-regarded, high-care industry with both public and private providers. The regional public network is a major employer and the facilities are world class. There is also an ever expanding private healthcare industry emerging to assist in providing a secondary system of post-institutional care as well as senior home care and therapeutic health needs.


The South Shore is at the forefront in nurturing the "Creative Economy," recognizing its importance to the region now and in the future. The creative economy is not just artists and musicians but also IT professionals and a whole range of consultants who work here but travel the world. New networks are forming all the time as individuals and small groups recognize just how many of them work here.


If you are in need of some retail therapy, the South Shore can offer just what the doctor ordered. From quaint shops to national chains and from grocery stores to farmers markets, you can find whatever level of shopping you require to make your life complete.


Although much has changed in the fishing industry in the last 20 years, the South Shore has a vibrant, small craft fleet that is home to one of the province's most productive lobster fleets. Traditional species like haddock and halibut are also significant. The region is also home port to the largest scallop fleet in the country; the region also boasts the world's largest value added seafood producer in Highliner Foods Ltd.


This industry finds its' roots in the settlement of the region and the South Shore still supports many different types of agricultural activity. From the traditional family farm to larger highly technical operations, it can all be found here. Along with the mainstays of poultry, vegetables, milk and beef, the South Shore has an increasing number of berry and grape growers and is fast becoming an emerging wine region.


Lumber, Christmas trees, fuel mass and pulpwood are just some of the products produced by the forestry sector here. This is another traditional industry that has adapted to market pressures and influences and continues to be a vital element of the regional economy.