Did You Know . . .

 . . . that actor Donald Sutherland spent much of his teenage years in Nova Scotia. He got his first part-time job at age 14 as a news correspondent for local radio station CKBW in Bridgewater.

. . . that hockey player Glen Murray was raised in Bridgewater and played junior hockey for the Sudbury Wolves of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL). Murray was a first-round draft pick, 18th overall, by the Bruins in the 1991 NHL Entry Draft.

. . . Carroll Baker, the Juno-award winning country music singer and Member of the Order of Canada, grew up in Port Medway and attended high school in Liverpool before her family moved to Oakville, Ontario.

. . . legendary country music legend Hank Snow was born in a sleepy little village called Brooklyn, Queens County. Each year a festival is held on the South Shore to honour his contributions to country music.

. . . the whole of Queens County is part of the UNESCO South-west Nova Biosphere Reserve.

. . . that 19.2% of land in Queens is protected under Special Places Protection Act – protected by various levels of government and other bodies like the Nature Conservancy, Migratory Bird Sanctuary, and include places like Kejimkujik National Park, Thomas Raddall Provincial Park, municipal parks, etc.

. . .that The Astor Theatre in Liverpool is the oldest performing arts venue in Nova Scotia and his home to the famous Liverpool International Theatre Festival, which hosts theatrical groups from around the world for a week-long festival in May (even years).

. . . Fort Point Lighthouse in Liverpool is the third oldest lighthouse in Nova Scotia. You can actually go in, climb the stairs, and toot the foghorn.

. . . the average hydro power generation in Queens County is 225 GW hours annually. This would supply the demands of 9,375 households. The county has been producing this green energy for more than 80 years!

. . . that renowned photographer Sherman Hines was born and raised in and around Liverpool. He now gives back to the community by operating two centres, the Rossignol Cultural Centre which houses a collection of museums, and the Sherman Hines Museum of Photography in Liverpool's old town hall.


Movies & TV Shows Filmed Here

The South Shore is perfect for both small and big screen productions! The landscape is breathtaking – with historic buildings, picture perfect waterfronts, farm land, and beautiful sunsets.

Some of the productions that have been filmed here include:

  • Bag of Bones (Pierce Brosnan)
  • Haven (Emily Rose, Eric Balfour, Lucas Bryant)
  • Dolores Claiborne (Kathy Bates, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Christopher Plumber)
  • Jumping the Broom (Angela Basset)
  • Blackfly (Ron James)
  • Echoes of Summer (Jodie Foster)
  • The Secret (Kirk Douglas)
  • Cloud Burst (Olympia Dukakis)
  • Two if by Sea (Sandra Bullock, Dennis Leary)
  • Black Harbour (Rebecca Jenkins)
  • Blue Moon (Shannon Lawrence)
  • Moby Dick (William Hurt, Ethan Hawke)
  • Love and Death on Long Island (Jason Priestly)
  • Simon Birch (Jim Carrey, Ashley Judd)
  • Deeply (Lynn Redgrave, Kirsten Dunst)
  • Pitt Pony (Ben Rose-Davis, Richard Donat)
  • The Weight of Water (Sean Penn, Elizabeth Hurley)
  • If You Could See What I Hear (Marc Singer)
  • Deadly Betrayal - the Bruce Curtis Story (Simon Reynolds)
  • Happy Mother's Day, Love George (Cloris Leachman)
  • Buried on Sunday (Jeremy Akerman)
  • The World in His Arms (Gregory Peck)
  • Calm at Sunset (Michael Moriarty)
  • Rumor of Angels (Ray Liotta, Vanessa Redgrave)
  • Sea People (Hume Cronyn)
  • The Weight of Water (Catherine McCormack, Sean Penn)
  • Life With Billy (Nancy Beattie, Stephen McHattie)
  • "A" The Scarlet Letter (Demi Moore, Robert Duvall)
  • Wilby Wonderful (Paul Gross, Rebecca Jenkins)
  • Virginia's Run (Gabriel Byrne)
  • The Book of Negroes (Aunjanue Ellis, Cuba Gooding Jr.)


A Bit of “Here” Trivia

Because of the dye on their noses. Many Nova Scotians planted and exported Irish Bluenose Potatoes. Blue marks left on the noses of fishermen, left by their blue mitts, gave them the nickname "Bluenosers". (The original Bluenose Schooner was named for them)

New Dublin

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