Things To Know...


  1. WE HAVE SEASONS Our seasons are beautiful with snow and temperatures below zero in the winter. Spring is moderate, and is the time of year when we see new leaves, grass and flowers. Summers may be hot with temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius – too bad you have to BBQ! In the autumn temperatures cool and leaves change to vibrant yellows, orange and reds.

  2. WE HAVE TOWNS AND RURAL COMMUNITIES You can find all of the amenities here such as grocery and department stores, health care services, education, speciality shopping, and restaurants. You'll also find community suppers, farmers markets and galleries with unique works by local artists and artisans.

  3. WE ARE FRIENDLY People will say hello and ask you "how you're doing." This is normal and will happen everywhere – walking down the street, in a store, at the mall or at a festival – they just can't help themselves!

  4. WE HAVE LOTS OF WATER  And we mean lots. We have beautiful salt water beaches with sandy shores and the best sunrises in the world! We also have amazing lakes and rivers with sparkling clean water for swimming, fishing and boating.

  5. WE HAVE FREE PARKING While there are some areas with 'metered' parking, there are lots of places to park your car at absolutely no cost.

  6. WE HAVE LOTS OF UNTOUCHED NATURE Trees line the highways and secondary roads; there's walking trails, beaches, fields and playgrounds. We have bugs in the summertime and you can see things like deer, racoons and rabbits in almost any back yard – but don't worry we don't have anything too scary and nothing poisonous!

  7. WE CELEBRATE WITH FOOD Across the South Shore you'll find lots of festivals and events – most of which include some of the best food you'll ever taste! Community halls with strawberry suppers, Oktoberfests with German sausage and local sauerkraut, lobster suppers and the best fish and chips in the world – all of this, plus world renowned restaurants open year round.

  8. WE KNOW CHRISTMAS TREES Everyone knows that Balsam fir is the best type of Christmas tree for beauty, smell and longevity, and Balsam Fir are grown locally throughout the South Shore; in fact, Lunenburg County is the Balsam Fir Capital of the world!

  9. WE ARE ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS The South Shore has been a pioneer in recycling programs across Canada; we want to ensure that the region remains beautiful for generations to come; we are looking to alternative sources of energy and are always looking for new ways to protect and conserve the environment.

  10. WE LIKE MUSIC Let us rephrase: We Love Music! We celebrate with local musicians who perform everything from folk to Celtic to classical, pop and country. Many smaller get-togethers take the form of the popular Maritime Kitchen parties and we tend to celebrate with a traditional "sociable!"

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