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Welcome to the South Shore region of Nova Scotia where work/life balance really can be achieved.

When you take a closer look at this little corner of the world, we think you will find combinations that you just wont find anywhere else.

Clean air, trees, open spaces, blue and clear skies, safe environments for children to play outside, sandy salt-water and freshwater beaches, and the ability to experience the four seasons. You will have time to think, reflect, play and enjoy life. The South Shore can provide you with the environment to build the life you want.

The region offers first-class amenities, such as specialty shopping, world renowned restaurants, an abundance of recreational opportunities and a host of cultural experiences.

Rural living blends with 'light urban centres' where your daily needs can easily be met. It's a place where quaint meets the 21st century.

Traditional ways of living combine with access to the latest technology and easy commutes to 11 top-notch universities all within a 1 to 6 hour drive from any point on the South Shore) to create an environment for personal and business growth.

When you grow, and your business grows, we all benefit.

Come grow with us.

Beautiful coastal views

You will find an array of employment opportunities in a diverse business community. You have the opportunity to participate in growing and emerging companies or you can create your own entrepreneurial path by starting or locating your business here. Telecommuting is a viable work option on the South Shore and broadband is available throughout the region. And if you want to work in the adjacent city of Halifax but crave rural-living, the South Shore offers that option with an easy commute to Halifax of between 45 to 90 minutes.

The health care system is excellent (and growing) with four hospitals in the region, medical centers with a slate of professional health care providers, general practitioners, nurse practitioners and walk-in clinics. Dentists, alternative health care providers, and services for pets are all easily accessible on the South Shore.

But don't just take our word for it. As you explore the WhyHere site be sure to take a gander at any of the many videos of people who actually live here and love the life they have created for themselves. We all have our own stories, but take a listen. You can't help but be moved and inspired. Sometimes deciding where to live really is as simple as asking 'Why Here.'

This site also includes interactive mapping features to give you an idea of the abundance of businesses and services available. The Asset Mapping tool allows you to search for information throughout the region.

Finally, once you have taken a look at all the area has to offer,  contact us for more information or visit our Moving Here section of the website. We truly want to help you discover your WhyHere.